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RCI Points Club Timeshare.

RCI Points Timeshare Venice

 RCI Points Club Timeshare. Double power RCI Points weeks, low yearly management fees. Buy, sell or convert RCI Points Club Ownerships from the specialists.We are Eminent Timeshare and Time Travellers RCI Points Club, a much respected 28 year old UK Timeshare Company that specialises in RCI Points Club Timeshares.

Recommended and awarded by UK Government Trading Standards as well as holding the prestigious Buy With Confidence Trading Standards Award every year without break. See Our Credentials.

RCI Points Timeshare logo

Buy RCI Points and  RCI Points upgrades from the Specialists.

If you are looking to buy the best RCI Points Timeshare ownership that you can, at the best price, with the lowest yearly management fees at rock solid RCI Gold Crown Resorts, then you have come to the right website! We have deals from as little as $2075 including RCI Points conversion and purchase of the week and with a running cost of just $283.

Impeccable 28 Year Track Record.

We sell our own RCI Gold Crown resorts weeks and you use them every year as RCI Points automatically. We have been looking after our own members for 28 years and the resorts are owner controlled and run. With over a 15 year track record of the yearly resort management fee staying below inflation we have the lowest running costs and that means cheaper holidays every year. Our management fees haven't increased over the last two years and are not going up this year either, what a great RCI Points Timeshare!

What you get:

RCI Points Existing Timeshare Owners. RCI Points upgrades

If you are an existing RCI Points owner we can add more points straight into your existing account with our RCI Points upgrades and offers.


RCI Points Help & Advice Through This Site

We can help.

Whether you are a first time RCI Points Timeshare buyer or an existing owner. we have all the information in this site to help you choose the right path.

We have clear pricing inclusive of all purchase criteria (except the yearly fees of course, you pay these to the resort direct each year). You can purchase from the comfort your own home with no hassle or site visits.

Please mail or call us for any  hands on help you want. We are only too delighted to help with planning or assisting you with how many points will take you to which of your planned destinations. Generally we need to know how many of you travel, what times of the year and where you want to go. We can then project how many RCI vacation points you would need. That way you can plan for the points ownership that best suits your budget to your needs. Just ask!

Safety & Security.

Our brilliant RCI Points Special Offers have clear pricing and when you click through to each RCI Points details page you get a comprehensive break down of everything that is in each offer. The cost, the yearly fee and what you get in the ownership.

Any of our offers can be purchased direct, buy you can also ask us to put your RCI Points offer on Ebay as a buy it now option, so you get the Ebay purchase protection as well as Pay Pal payment protection and you can also buy your RCI Points with a credit card for even more protection.

Find the Information You Want Fast

There are lots of useful sections of RCI Points Information, RCI Points charts and RCI Points brochures within our RCI Points downloads page.

This RCI Points Club Timeshare site has a sophisticated onsite search system. Simply click the magnifying glass icon on the top right navigation on any page to enter your search term. It will open the most relevant page for you, but if that isn't the page you wanted, simply scroll below it and there will be lots and lots of other results for pages on this website. It also searches the Q & A pages and all offers as well as static web pages.

There is a complete page of any RCI points fees 2014, for any scenario.

There is a dynamic Q &A (question and answer) section.

Brochures - We have a downloads page with our RCI Points Information, RCI Points Disclosures and RCI Gold Crown Resort Brochure. Open online or download for later as a pdf format.

Just Ask If You Need Help

Send us a quick form from the contact page and we will reply as soon as we can. Alternatively send us an email or call, help is at hand along with best advice

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